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Maaveeran Kittu : Movie Review (Tamil)

Maaveeran Kittu: The Story of a Rebel!
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Suseenthiran’s Maaveeran Kittu is the story of the ‘Others’ in the society. He begins the story in 1980’s backdrop and slowly unveils the simmering conflict between the upper caste and the less privileged in a small village called Pudhur. The lower caste has Chinnarasu (Pratheepan) as their defender and leader to advocate their rights. The upper caste lobby is led by a shrewd and cunning Panchayat President Govindan and an equally brutal Sub Inspector Selvaraj (Harish Uthaman) who blocks every path of the under privileged that leads to self-reliance, progress and development.

Chinnarasu sees a heir to his movement in Kittu, a Dalit topper.  For Kittu, Chinnarasu is his mentor, guru and benefactor and therefore, he happily accepts the suggestion of Chinnarasu to pursue civil service so that he can become a collector. The new star in the village becomes a talking point among the upper caste and they hatch plots to thwart Kittu’s dream to be a collector. Vishnu Vishal as Kittu plays the role well. He is able to bring forth the feeling, complexity and the desire to excel as a Dalit very well. Pratheepan as Chinnarasu is a firebrand on screen. At times it gets confusing to figure out who is the actual hero – Kittu or Chinnarasu? Probably both!

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Gomathi (Sri Divya) as the love interest of Kittu is good but could have got some more key scenes to propel the story forward which doesn’t happen. Therefore, she is contained to the limited space of romancing, stay in awe of the hero and nothing else.

Suseenthiran’s well-intentioned movie is a joy to watch because ‘Maaveeran Kittu’ raises many pertinent questions that is still relevant and attracts our attention to ponder on. There are issues of casteism, inter-caste marriage, honor killing, atrocities against the under privileged and human right violations. The plot is simple and the story telling is subtle but straight forward. Music by D Imam is good. The lyrics by Yughabharathi are good and the songs are hummable and pleasant. In the process of adding more emotion and to make the end intense an untimely song at the end dampens the climax to some extent which could have been well avoided because even without that the film could have made an impact.

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The drawback of the movie is that there too many characters who are introduced but are not well etched out to stay in the minds of the viewers. The movie could have also worked upon its editing part that would have made the story telling more intense and the conflict and the plight of the hapless more moving. The movie is more about Chinnarasu and his vision and Kittu is merely a part of a bigger gamble, therefore, the tile could have been dedicated to Chinnarasu. Throughout the movie, I was trying to find reasons to justify the tile but failed to do so. Maybe, the climax according to the filmmaker has ample reasons to justify the title. The movie had the potential to be much better and a crowd puller had it been executed brilliantly.

Nevertheless, such socially relevant movies always find a way to reach the viewer’s hearts and minds easily and so does ‘Maveeran Kittu’ too. It is definitely a onetime watch.

Life Connoisseur Movie Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Vishnu Vishal (Kitttu), R Pratheepan (Chinnarasu), Sri Divya (Gomthi), Soori (Thangarasu), Kasi Vswanathan, Harish Uthaman (Selvaraj), Kayal Pereira

Genre: Social Drama

Director: Suseenthiran

Producers: icewear Chandrasamy, D.N. Thai Saravanan, Rajeevan

Story by: Suseethiran

Screenplay: Suseethiran

Dialogues: Yugabharathi

Music by: D Imman

Cinematography: Soorya A. R.

Edited by: Kasi Viswanathan

Production Company: Asian Cine Combines

Distributor: Nallu Samy Pictures

Release Date: 2nd December, 2016

Duration: 125 Minutes

Language: Tamil 

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Kahaani 2 : Movie Review

Kahaani 2: A Thriller With A Predictable End!
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Sujoy Gosh ‘Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh’ deals with a very sensitive and painful story of Indian households where no one musters courage to share the trauma of silent victims of abuse. Vidya Balan as Vidya Sinha and Durga Rani plays this impeccable character with ease and is bang on in the art of acting and delivering what is expected from her by the audience. Vidya Sinha and her crippled daughter lives in Chandan Nagar, West Bengal which is just as big as a football ground (as told by a cop in the film). One fine day she wakes up late and is seen trying to call up her maid who hasn’t turned up to take care of Minnie and she has to leave to her office reluctantly leaving behind Minnie with the door of her home ajar. Assured by her daughter that she can take care of herself and relying on her neighbor who is a septuagenarian that he will keep a guard on Minnie, Vidya Sinha on her return to home finds her daughter missing. To make it more mysterious she is told by her maid that it was Vidya who called her up not to come. An already worried and tensed Vidya is shocked to hear her old neighbor also tell her that he stopped keeping a watch on Minnie because Vidhya called him up and told him that the maid has reached her home to take care of Minnie.  

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Sujoy Gosh is partly successful in narrating a thriller with the audience sitting at the edge of their seats till the first half but fails unfortunately in the second half to do so because the film loses its steam and becomes too predictable. I wonder sometime that why the filmmakers are in a hurry to wrap up their story and in the process ruin a fine script and the possibility of making an out of the box film. Sujoy too falls in this trap and makes Kahaani 2’s ending illogical, predictable and dumb.
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Arjun Rampal as a cop  who is on a trail to solve a jig saw puzzle between Vidya Sinha and Durga Rani plays the role of Inspector Inderjit Singh well but sadly we find out that his character is not fleshed out properly. It’s good to see Jugal Hansraj the once chocolaty boy of Bollywood playing the role of a man in question.

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Vidya Balan who has repeatedly proved that she can carry a movie on her shoulders through films like Parineeta, Dirty Pictures and Kahaani lately seems to fail to do so probably because of her choice of films and being not so careful about the script she is being offered. Well, Sujoy Ghosh Kahaani 2 is a onetime watch because it does open our eyes and brings back our attention to certain sensitive familial issues which is generally carpeted and the victims left to suffer for the rest of their life. Remember, Kahaani 2 is not a sequel rather it is entirely a new story trying to piggyback heavily on Sujoy’s successful film Kahaani (2012).

Life Connoisseur Movie Rating: 3/5

Cast: Vidya Balan (Vidya Sinha/Durga Rani), Arjun Rampal (Inspector Inderjit Singh), Naisha (Minnie), Jugal Hansraj, Tota Roy Choudhury, Kharaj Mukherjee, Kaushik Sen, Manini Chadha

Genre: Thriller

Director: Sujoy Ghosh

Producer: Sujoy Ghosh, Jayaantilal Gada

Written by: Sujoy Ghosh, Ritesh Shah (Dialogues)

Story by: Sujoy Ghosh, Suresh Nair

Music by: Clinton Cerejo

Cinematography: Tapan Basu

Production: Boundscript Motion Pictures, Pen India Limited

Distributor: Reliance Entertainment

Release Date: 2nd December, 2016

Duration: 119 Minutes

Language: Hindi 

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Rock On 2: Movie Review

Rock On 2: Staggers to Match the ‘Magik’ of its Past!
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While watching ‘Rock On 2’ one can feel the colossal impact of the 2008 ‘Rock On’ on you and how much you start missing this time the magic they exhibited as a band in the previous movie. I tried hard to disconnect my mind from the previous Rock On to watch and savour Rock On 2 with a fresh perspective but I failed miserably. May be because I found it difficult not to compare the brilliance of the past with the mediocrity of the present film. I am not talking about the actors but about the script and the music. Both staggers to match the magic of the band Magik had offered us in the past.

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The escapist and the emotionally vulnerable Aditya Shroff finds his solace in a nondescript village ‘Uminuh’ in Meghalaya from the busy metropolitan city Mumbai to forgive himself and forget an unpleasant and tragic incident that rocked his peaceful and beautiful life as a Rock star. But as hard he tries to forget the past, the more the incident haunts him as a nightmare every day. His philanthropy and new love of forming a peasant’s cooperative to sell their produce at a better deal by avoiding middle men doesn’t go well with the local power brokers. He soon finds himself and the villagers at loggerheads with the ‘Farmer’s Welfare Board’ and its Chief.

Aditya’s other band members like KD and Joe Mascarenhas have found their own means to meet their ends. KD makes music compositions to other music companies who he feels understands music less and business more. Joe is a judge for a musical reality show on Television and also runs an elite pub. He too finds himself compromised with the current reality of reality show’s obsession with TRPs and theatrics on stage.

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Now, the question is what’s new in Rock On 2? The answer is Jiah Sharma (Shraddha Kapoor) and Uday (Shashank Arora) two youngsters who are passionate about music. Jiah has a legacy of having a renowned musician Pandit Vibhooti (Kumud Mishra) as her father and also a personal tragedy hard to forget in their life. Uday is looking for an opportunity to get a foothold in the music industry and for this he has left no stone unturned. The moment the duo becomes the part of the erstwhile band ‘Magik’ the past starts haunting the founders of the band. Rock On 2 has some talented actors like Shahana Goswami as Joe’s wife Debbie, Prachi Desai as Aditya’s Wife Sakshi, Kumud Mishra as Pandit Vibhooti and Shashank Arora the Titli guy as Uday. Unfortunately, the filmmakers fail to take advantage of these actors potential to its credit. And I feel it’s a loss for the viewers. The major drawback of this movie is that it doesn’t do justice completely to its sub plots which it banked to weave a story different from the previous one. Pandit Vibhooti and Jiah’s personal tragedy, the villagers of Uminuh and their hardships and the changing equation between Aditya and his wife could have been dealt better but maybe I guess that the makers would have feared that the movie would become completely a non-musical drama.

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Vishal Dadlani, Usha Utup, Kit Shandpliang and Pynsuklin Syiemlong of the Summersalt Band had added some excitement to the otherwise insipid movie. The ‘Hoi Kie/Chalo Chalo’ is one of the high moment of the movie. Hope the concert organized by Magik for a cause lasted a bit longer, the rest what the movie have is lackluster music and lyrics.

What makes Adita leave Uminuh and revive the band again? Why and how Magik as a band organize a concert at Shillong which catches the fancy of music lovers across the country and results into a movement for a cause?  Does the friends stand united as in the past or fall prey to their own troubles and egos and fall apart? Does Aditya get redemption from his past? These are some of the questions I would like you to find answers to as viewers in a nearby theater. Rock On 2 is not so bad. Actually, it deserves to be watched once but please do not compare the sequel with the previous one.

Life Connoisseur Movie Rating: 2.75/5

Cast: Farhan Akhtar (Aditya Shrofff), Arjun Rampal (Joe Mascarenhas), Purab Kohli (KD), Shraddha Kapoor (Jiah Sharma), Prachi Desai (Sakshi), Shashank Arora (Uday), Shahana Goswami (Debbie), Kumud Mishra (Pandit Vibhooti)

Genre: Music Drama

Director: Farhan Akhtar, Ritesh Sidhwani

Producers: Arun Pandey, Fox Star Studios

Written by: Abhishek Kapoor, Pubali Chaudhari

Music by: Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy

Cinematography: Marc Konckx

Edited by: Anand Subaya

Production Company: Excel Entertainment

Distributor: Eros International

Release Date: 11th November, 2016

Duration: 139 Minutes

Language: Hindi 

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Ventilator : Movie Review

Ventilator: Priyanka Chopra’s Regional Gem!
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Priyanka Chopra dons many hats and she ensures that she excels in all that she does. Her multifaceted approach to entertainment has made her come up this time with her debut Marathi film ‘Ventilator’.  Daddy’s little girl, PC has dedicated this film in the memory of her late father Dr. Ashok Chopra and in this venture her mother, Madhu Chopra has joined hands as a co-producer. There are many stalwarts in this movie and behind the movie like Rajesh Mapuskar the man who directed “Ferrari ki Sawaari is the director here too, Ashutosh Gowariker as Raja, Jitendra Joshi (Prasanna), Sulbha Arya (Manda), Sukanya Kulkarni Mone (Sarika), Viju Khote (Shirish Appa), Satish Alekar, Deepak Shirke (Atma Dhadke), and Boman Irani as a doctor stands out on screen as actors.  The movie has an ensemble of more than 116 artistes who collectively offers us a complete family drama with a right mix of emotions and rib tickling situational humour.

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Ventilator a medical device for helping a patient breathe becomes an indication of a patient’s critical stage and in general such a situation creates ample level of anxiety and emotions with in a family. Here in this movie one of the patriarch of the Kamerkar clan who is fondly called as Gaju Kaka is on the ventilator and the whole Kamerkar family from distant towns, villages and abroad has gathered in the hospital for his speedy recovery. When we watch the movie, we start realizing that it is not just Gaju Kaka who is on the ventilator but the whole family and its relationships are on the ventilator. It is so easy to relate with each Kamerkar family member because we have either seen them in other families or we have one such piece in our clan.

Gaju Kaka’s hospitalization and that too at the most awaited Ganeshotsav around the corner upsets the festive plans of the family members and dampens the festive fervor. Though the family members are found to regard and love the ailing Gaju Kaka but it is also interesting to observe that every one of them has their own agenda to settle when they meet each other. And amidst all these happenings there are some who are aghast to find how people become intentionally and unintentionally self-centered and self-obsessed that makes the audience to watch through the glass window see their own relationships and it state of condition on the ventilator.

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The film ‘Ventilator’ takes us through how parenting and its impact on early childhood can affect the evolution of personality of our children. It also portrays how small tiffs, misunderstandings and different point of views about pursuing professions and interests when not handled at the right moment then and there can become an ever widening, hard to resolve conflicts between parents and their children. Ventilator’s whole message is conveyed to us majorly through two characters one Raja (Ashutosh Gowariker) the nephew of the ailing patriarch and two Prasanna (Jitendra Joshi) an aspiring politician who is also the son of the man on the ventilator. Ashutosh Gowariker as a film maker in this movie wins your heart. His character depicts how success can make you the most sought after person in the family but still success can’t bring you close to the most important person in your life ‘Your father. If success place you on the highest pedestal of your life and when you look down if we fail to find our dear ones to cheer us then does that success mean anything to us? Sukanya Kulkarni as Sarika the daughter of the ailing patriarch is outstanding. She moves you through her performance that portrays the bond and love between the father and a daughter. Priyanka Chopra tells Raja that fathers are special. Dr. Satish Alekar also known for his much applauded play “Mahanirvan’ which he wrote, plays a pivotal role as the father of Raja and leaves us teary eyed for the film’s dramatic and brilliant climax with a wonderful learning and experience as a key take away of the film. Jitender Joshi is the man of the film, who through his role as an over ambitious politician and a son who has a heavy emotional baggage which he want to settle with his father has given a brilliant performance. This man needs a big applause.

Director Rajesh Mapuskar has brilliantly etched out each character and every single character has an importance in the film. With such a large ensemble of actors there were all possibilities to get confused to understand who is who in the film but hats off to the filmmaker he ensures we relate with each of his character and understand where they come from. Priyanka Chopra has an interesting cameo in the film and has already generated an emotional chord with her listeners and audience by singing the promotional Marathi song “Baba” for her film Ventilator which she has dedicated to her late father. The film’s another song “Ya Re Ya Saare Ya’ also adds to the beauty of the film.

As one of the characters in the film aptly says – “The beauty of the Indian family is that they stick together despite their differences”. But the question is – don’t we lose out some important relations and bonding because of this bickering? Go and watch this beautifully made film ‘Ventilator’ with your whole family. Please don’t forget to take your elders along with you too.

 Life Connoisseur Movie Rating: 3.5/5

Cast: Ashutosh Gowarikar (Raja), Jitendra Joshi (Prasanna Kamerkar), Satish Alekar (father of Raja), (Sulbh Arya (Manda), Sukanya Kulkarni (Sarika), Viju Khote (Shirish Appa), Deepak Shirke (Aatma Dhadke, Boman Irani (Doctor), Priyanka Chopra (Cameo)
Genre: Family Drama
Director: Rajesh Mapuskar
Producer: Siddharth Roy Kapoor, Sunita Gowariker
Written by: Priyanka Chopra & Madhu Chopra
Screenplay: Rajesh Mapuskar
Dialogues: Rajesh Mapuskar
Music by: Rohan Rohan
Lyrics: Mano Yadav, Shantaram Mapuskar
Cinematography: Savita Singh
Edited by: Rameshwar Bhagat
Production Company: Purple Pebble Pictures, Magij Pictures, Zee Studios
Release Date: 4th November, 2016
Duration: 141 Minutes
Language: Marathi

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Shivaay: Movie Review

Shivaay: Devgn’s Most Audacious Film!
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While the titans clash at the box office this Diwali to have an edge over the other, I feel Shivaay will have the last laugh. Ajay Devgn’s production company way back in 2000 came up with its first movie ‘Raju Chacha’ and in 2008 he co-produced ‘U, Me Aur Hum’ which also marked his directorial debut. Now, with Shivaay Ajay Devgn the Actor, Producer and Director has come a long way. He is known to take cudgels against the biggies in the industry and in ‘Shivaay’ he does the same without bothering about the consequences in store for him. I think he is pretty comfortable doing that both off and onscreen.

Shivaay is breathtaking in its action sequence though it goes a bit over board in doing that as if Ajay Devgn enjoys his indulgence in performing stunts. We can even sense a Rohit Shetty influence when the vehicles crashes each other after a heady race and piles up on the street while the hero escapes unhurt with valor.

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Shivaay is the story of an audacious mountaineer and a trek guide who lives on the Himalayas. He feels and believes that he is the lad of the snow-clad mountains where Shiva resides. The dialogue fits apt for his character – “Isko kante lage na kankar raan mein rudra gharon mein Shankar, aant yahi sare bhighayon ka iss Bhole ka vaar bhaynkar”. Shivaay during one of his trekking expedition with a bunch of youngsters comes across a Bulgarian girl Olga (Polish Actress Erika Kaar) who speaks Hindi fluently because of her brief stint as a student in Delhi University. Their trekking expedition becomes quite eventful because of a natural calamity and what follows is a stunning action sequence amidst horrifying avalanche and snow storm.

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Shivaay and his team nurse an injured Olga till she recuperates. But before she leaves to Bulgaria she leaves behind a doll (child) in the custody of Shivaay and knits a handmade doll to take care of her daughter because she has many other lives back in Bulgaria to take care off. Nine years later, Shivaay and his daughter Gaura (British Child actor Abigail Eames) sets forth to Bulgaria to visit Olga for once because Gaura stumbles upon a well-guarded secret about her supposedly dead mother.

Shivaay and Gaura’s visit to Bulgaria has many things in store for them which is brutal as well as fatal too. Will, they survive the onslaught of the Bulgarian and Russian mafias. What upsets the Bulgarian Police and Government? Why Shivaay is declared a fugitive is quite interesting to know. Will Gaura meet her mother? Is she alive?

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The film Shivaay has some veteran actors like Girish Karnad and Saurabh Shukla but unfortunately Ajay Devgn fails to do justice to the caliber of these actors. Sayyeshaa Saigal as Anushka the Indian Embassy official is good. Her bond with her father is stretched beyond the requirement just to justify that there are other father daughter duo on this planet who bond well. The last dialogue by Anushka to Shivaay that it is difficult for those daughters to find a match whose fathers are too good is out of place and unnecessary. Vir Das as an ethical hacker and friend of Anushka plays well his role but is short lived. Erika Kaar and Abigail Eames are convincing in their respective roles as mother and daughter.

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Aseem Bajaj’s work as a cinematographer in Shivaay is noteworthy. The panoramic aerial shots of the snow covered mountains, the trenches, and the avalanches by Aseem is so well done that it leaves you mesmerized. The constant Shiva chant with the background score ups the tempo of this action thriller.

Shivaay falters in the department of editing. It could have been far more trimmed but it stretches to almost three hours which makes the story a bit tardy and the viewing tedious. There is no songs that stays with you. The fight and stunt sequence are too long and it goes on and on which makes you lose the interest. Moreover, Ajay Devgn is less human and more of a superhero which is a major drawback of this film because it makes one hard to relate to the happenings on screen.

In short, it will be unjustified to write off Devgn’s honest attempt to give an action thriller even though it has many flaws. Shivaay, I must say is a straw to hold on to celebrate Diwali for many cine goers who felt disappointed after watching Ae Dil Hai Mushkil. At least, it has a story to tell with some technically sound action sequences.

Life Connoisseur Movie Rating: 3/5

Cast: Ajay Devgn (Shivaay), Erika Kaar (Olga), Abigail Eames (Gaura), Sayyeshaa Saigal (Anushka), Vir Das (Wahab), Girish Karnad, Saurabh Shukla, Bijou Thaangjam

Genre: Action, Thriller

Director: Ajay Devgn

Producer: Ajay Devgn

Written by: Sandep Srivastava, Robin Bhatt

Story by: Ajy Devgn

Music by: Jasleen Royal, Mithoon

Cinematography: Aseem Bajaj

Production: Ajay Devgn FFilms, Pen India Limited, NH Studioz

Distributor: Reliance Entertainment

Release Date: 28th October, 2016

Duration: 173 Minutes

Language: Hindi 

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil : Movie Review

Ae Dil Hai Mushkil: Johar’s Ceremonial Farce!
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Reviewer’s Thumb Mark

The two main protagonists of Karan johar’s ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’ (ADHM) are Pyar (Love) and Dosti (Friendship) because according to ADHM “Ajeeb kahani hai pyar aur dosti ke rishtey ki … pyar hamara hero, dosti hamari heroine” (The story of love and friendship is strange … love is our hero and friendship is our heroine). Well, ADHM doesn’t stop there it has some more - ‘Mohabath karna hamare bas main nahin hai … us mohabath se door chale jana … woh hamare bas main hai” (It’s not within our control to fall in love… but to go far away from that love … is within our control); “Love teda hai… lekin us teda love mein bhi sukoon paana sirf kuch logon ko aata hai” (Love is crooked… but only some people know how to find peace in that crooked love).

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After listening to these cheesy dialogues, I take the liberty to reframe it for Karan Johar – 1.  “Ajeeb kahani hai Karan, ADHM aur audience ke rishtey ki … Karan hamara hero, ADHM hamari heroine aur audience hamara villain” (The story of Karan, ADHM and audience is strange … Karan is our hero, ADHM is our heroine and audience the villain); 2. ‘Mohabath karna filmonse hamare bas main nahin hai … kharabh filmonse se door chale jana … woh hamare bas main hai” (It’s not within our control to fall in love with films… but to go far away from poorly made films … is within our control); and 3. “Mera film teda hai… lekin us teda film mein bhi sukoon paana sirf muje aata hai” (My film is crooked… but only I know how to find peace in that crooked film).

Image Courtesy:
The stylish, beautiful and handsome actors; beautiful locales; music and its lyrics are the saving grace of ADHM otherwise everything else is absurd and disjointed. ADHM tries hard to show a strong bonding and camaraderie among its characters be it Ayan and Alizeh or Ayan and Saba; the result is superficial situations laced with hollow dialogues; forced bickering throughout the film among the lead characters; a series of illogical and hard to believe breakups; and a laughable climax.

It’s very sad to write such a review on an eagerly awaited movie like ADHM to celebrate Diwali. Karan Johar need to do a serious review of all the feedbacks he is receiving on this movie so that he doesn’t dish out another one like this in the garb of telling his real life story and take his audience for granted. Had ADHM been a highly entertaining and soulful film it would have been a tight slap to all who tried to ban his film because of their dubious intentions to barter a deal for its release but he failed miserably.

Image Courtesy:
Nevertheless, Ranbir as Ayan tries to do justice to what Karan Johar wanted out of him, Anushka as Alizeh is too good where she breaks down after seeing her ex love and tries to escape from the reality but most of the time she appears to act than live her character on screen, Aishwarya is elegant as Saba and Fawad appears as a dashing young DJ. Pritam’s music and Amitabh Bhattacharya’s lyrics are soulful and hummable and their work has turned out to be the major strength of the movie to be in the theatres for some more time I guess.

In short, Karan through his film ADHM appears to be: 1. confused like his characters on screen about love being misinterpreted as causal non-committal physical proximity and make self and others believe that his/her love is ‘Kaamil’ (complete); 2. Love is passion and friendship is peace and then confusing the audience saying that love is ‘Tabaahi’ (catastrophe) and one doesn’t want to get tabaah therefore, is trying to find solace in friendship but its ok to jump in to bed and make love (nonsensical); 3. Jismani rishtey (physical relationship) cannot survive but ironically the characters are fully indulging in this. Well, dear Karan Johar we respect you and value you as a filmmaker who has tried to give some good movies but please try to understand and review your dialogue in regard to making films– “ Ek tarfaa pyar ki taakat hi kuch aur hota hai auron ki rishte ki tarah ye do logon mein nahin bant’ti  sirf mera haq hai ispe’ because filmein ek tarfa nahin hosakta dear, isko do tarfa hi rakhe, ek aap aur dusra hum audience ke beech.

Life Connoisseur Movie Rating: 1.5/5

Cast: Ranbir Kapoor (Ayan Sanger), Anushka Sharma (Alizeh), Aishwarya Rai Bachchan (Saba), Lisa Haydon (Lisa), Imraan Abbas (dr. Faizal), Fawad Khan (Ali), Shah Rukh Khan (Tahir Taliyar Khan, Cameo), Alia Bhatt (special appearance)

Genre: Romance

Director: Karan Johar

Producers: Hiroo Yash Johar, Karan Johar, Apoorva Mehta

Written by: Karan Johar

Music by: Pritam

Lyrics: Amitabh Bhattacharya

Cinematography: Anil Mehta

Production: Dharma Productions

Distributor: Fox Star Studios

Release Date: 28th October, 2016

Duration: 157 Minutes

Language: Hindi